Smart Life Training

Thailand is still in need of sufficient knowledge within communities and students regarding accident and natural disaster preventions and initial treatments prior to reaching a hospital. With the understanding that we have, we tend to think all this knowledge is the doctors and nurses’ duties. We also think that they are solely for the experts since their complex nature. With this understanding, rarely any government agencies have really focused on given the knowledge to youth and citizens in general. Moreover, with the earth’s changing state, we are faced with numerous natural disasters all over Thailand. Thai citizens do not know how to protect themselves and get away from those disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, fires, and Tsunamis.

Schools in other countries, including international schools in Thailand, have classes relating to the preventions of fires, earthquakes, and even good traffic disciplines to decrease the number of accidents. Though there’s only a small number for students attending international schools. It’s unfortunate that Thai youth still lack skills that they can’t even protect themselves and others. One unfortunate sample was the case in Chiang Rai where 18 young students had lost their lives to fire in their dormitory. They did not know what to do and how to escape.

Upstream Family & Community Learning Center, along with Emergency Medicine Service (EMS) and Disaster Division Vajira Hospital, senses this gap and has the vision in helping to fill it. The vision of S.M.A.R.T Life was born. (S.M.A.R.T = Surgico Medical Ambulance and Rescue Team)

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