Our History

Founded in 2013 under the name Family Focus Network, our first purpose is to promote parenting skill with ‘Positive Discipline’ approach to parents and care givers. Our second purpose is to have group meetings to exchange ideas on happiness, healthy family and the safety of the community. Since the beginning of 2016, we have partnered with the Department of Anti-Human Trafficking, the Office of the Attorney General, the Critical Care Unit in Vajira Hospital, and Parenting Across Cultures Research Center our name was changed to Upstream Family & Community Learning Center.

Our purpose is to expand our services in holistic care to vulnerable children and families by providing training and resources to individuals and organizations both in government and private sectors who work with vulnerable children and families. Our goal is for holistic care to be clearly understood among practitioners in order for them to help strengthen children and families and enable them to lead sustainable lives.


Who We Are

We are professionals who channel our expertise in various disciplines to provide training and resources to individuals and organizations. The training and resources center on the health, economic and social well being of children and families, as well as provide a forum to exchange ideas and experience related to holistic child development and child protection.

Our Mission

We seek to work ‘upstream’ by identifying the root causes of social issues and prevent them from occurring before they affect children so that we are not simply treating symptoms but addressing the source of the problem.